Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sumika @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Located above the White Bubble Dobi laundry shop at SS15, Sumi-ka has an authentic Japanese atmosphere with a wooden bar that wraps around 2 sides of the grilling station, with limited amount of tables on the periphery. The Japanese master helms the grill, churning out delicious skewers ready to be served.
It has a huge selection of Sake, available by the glass or bottle
Some marinated oxtail to start us off
Raw cabbage drizzled with soy sauce
Nankotu (chicken soft bone) (RM4) - Bones are completely edible with flesh grilled to a satisfying crisp
Momoniku (Chicken thigh with green onion) (RM4) - These bite sized chicken are tender and delicious, glazed with a sauce that sings
Tukune (RM4) - Skewer of three chicken meatballs dipped in a thickened soy based sauce. These chicken balls were so moist 
Gyutan (Beef tongue) (RM6) - Gyutan flavored with tare sauce. Tare sauce is a very popular dipping sauce used in grilling. This sweetened, thickened soy sauce usually consists of mirin, sake and white sugar
Ebi (prawn) (RM8) - A simple sprinkling of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice will do the job for these fresh prawns
Shiitake mushroom (RM4). Did you know that in Japan, all mushrooms are called kinoko, which means "children of the trees"? These well known fungi need no marination, with just a few dashes of salt and right about of heat will yield a woody aroma and a soft slippery texture
Ginnan (ginkgo nut) (RM3) - When uncooked, these tiny nuts have a rather unpleasant odor. But when  cooked, it has a distinctive milky flavor with a faint touch of bitterness. Yumm...
Shiosaba (Grilled Mackerel) (RM20) - This simple but tasty dish are often found on the menus of Japanese restaurants
Tubodai (RM55). Tubodai fish has a smoother texture compared to the Mackerel. The soft, juicy, white meat fish make no mistake to be enjoyed hot off the grill
Enokimaki (RM6) - These Enokimaki are wrapped with pork slice. Absolutely delicious with a sweet aroma enveloping the dish
Tonsoku (pork foot) (RM15) - Hmmm.. not my type of dish. Nonetheless, my dad and bro enjoyed it very much.
Gyumiso (Beef ribs with miso sauce) (RM9) - Mouth watering tender beef rib with sweet miso sauce. One more portion please!
Yakionogiri (baked riceball) (RM5) - The meal would not be complete without a riceball

Sumi-ka is a rare treat. You will feel as though you have stepped right into a Yakitori restaurant in Japan. All the humble grilled dishes were grilled to perfect consistency despite the simplicity, leaving us satisfied without being overwhelmed by complex flavors or vast portions. 

Sumi Ka Restaurant Big Badge


  1. I am wondering on how I have missed this place because SS15 is like my second home. I don't eat exotic meat nor beef but the mushroom, raw cabbage plus the grilled fish are all my fav. Worth the journey in giving a try to this restaurant.

    1. I only found out about this place very recently. It’s not too late to go =). I'm ok with meat but I can't do intestines.

  2. OMG! really I would LOVE to stay for a long time in this eating place! I love satay! I love Japanese food! And, I freaking love chicken!


    BTW, never heard of green onions before...

    1. onions are similar to scallions. I think we were taught green onions in school instead of scallions.

    2. ahhh!! I know that veggie after googling it ;))

      we call it here 'onion leaf' (indo: daun bawang)

  3. great-looking chicken soft bone & beef tongue! i wonder if they have chicken liver, cos that's my favorite :D

    1. They have chicken liver, but i'm not a big fan of intestines. I find it a bit geli.

  4. I love sweet marinades - the Japanese do them so well.

    1. me too... I love the chinese sweet sauce for dim sum too.

  5. wow..lovely presentation with great flavors..;)
    Tasty Appetite

    1. The presentation was rather simple but the flavors were awesome!