Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ye Ole Smokehouse @ Cameron Highlands - Breakfast

Surroundings - Located at Tanah Rata, The Ye Ole Smokehouse is one of the most famous boutique hotel in Cameron Highlands. Built in 1939, this iconic building is situated near the 18-hole golf course. The eclectic mix of furnitures and fittings helped set the right English ambiance for this old colonial.

Menu - The Smokehouse offers traditional English breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. As expected the British kitchen serves tea all day long. Fruits and vegetables are sourced locally from Cameron Highland, while the meats are sourced from the reliable producers around the world. The kitchen has also long been famous for its homemade scones, cakes and jams.

It was a bright and sunny day. Unfortunately we woke up a tad too late to secure a table at the patio area.

Fresh orange juice without ice!

English Breakfast Tea.

"The is ultimate English breakfast" says Mr. Smitten. Hmmm....really?

The blueberry muffin was cold and it reminds me of the muffin served on FireFlyz. The croissants suffer similar criticism. Its not my prerogative to start my day with a sorry pastry. =(

This hearty bowl of English porridge is smooth and has a light consistency. Did you know that porridge should be stirred only using the right-hand and in a clockwise direction to ward off evil spirits?

Homemade jams

My big breakfast set.
Honestly I was quite disappointed with the service and food quality. The pastries was not up to standard and the big breakfast was just mediocre. I much prefer the breakfast at La Bodega. Nonetheless, the stay at The Smokehouse is something to be treasured.


Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant Big Badge


  1. The dining area looks very pretty - light and bright.

  2. It is! The ambiance was perfect but the food wasn't that good. What a pity.

  3. Very tasteful..was it? Didn't you miss out Gallery House of Magic Potions- Aromatherapy from Nano Micro-fungus? Located in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. The link page at