Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Modesto @ The Royal Selangor Golf Club

Not many restaurants survived the ups and downs of an economic cycle. Modesto is probably one of the few that have battled through the perfect storm and still remained steadfast to its tradition and origin. Started in 1995, Modesto has always been a popular place for people to gather for drinks and good food. The convivial atmosphere and massive picture windows set this location apart from its other outlets.

A plate of green to start our meal

Carpaccio with rockets. The briny meat provides a heft that complements the rocket's peppery taste

Appetizer platter - These bite sized are well seasoned giving us little tingles

This plate featured a pan seared cod fish nestled on a bed of grilled vegetables. The fish was fresh and cooked to perfection, mirroring the level of care the Chef brings to Modesto

Recommended by the waitstaff. The swordfish was a tad too dry, due to overcooking. What a pity
Located inside Royal Selangor Golf Club, Modesto is an unexpected choice to have a quiet Sunday lunch.



  1. modesto's has a special place in my heart! their outlet at jalan p ramlee was one of my main haunts for pasta back when i first started working in KL. and their other branch in capsquare is just a five-minute walk from my current office! :D

  2. Whoa interesting choices of food. And what KLGCC stands for! kuala Lumpur something convention center? ;)) bad guess

    Whoa Sean has been to everywhere!

  3. Sean @ When I was younger, I thought Modesto was a place for old ppl to drink & party. hehehhehe...

    Rad @ Good question. It stands for Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club. Yes, I think Sean is a walking food encyclopedia.

  4. Haha he is! And you seem to join his club! :p

    Oh in response to ur reply to him, that means ur not old yet :p at least I know that bit about u :p

  5. All of the food looks fresh and colourful. I like the look of the appetizer plate.