Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Soo Kee Restaurant @ Jalan Imbi (Sang Har Mee)

In Malaysia, it's often hard to remember what time of the year it is, since is sunny all year round. But you know the holiday season is here when friends from overseas are dropping by Malaysia for a visit and what better place to bring them than the iconic Soo Kee Restaurant @ Jalan Imbi.

Happy marriages of Siu Yok and Kai Lan. The smoky Siu Yok is the perfect enhancer for the earthy Kai Lan.
The stir fried vegetables with intestines deserve a nod too. The vegetables are fresh and crunchy, while the intestines are an excellent taste of the Chinese tradition.
These deep fried paper-wrapped chicken are marinated in oyster sauce and bean sauce. Even though this is not the best paper-wrapped chicken in town, it is still worth trying.
This plate of Sang Har Mee is worth going GAGA over. The humongous prawns coupled with deep fried noodles soaked in gravy, infused with ginger is worth every penny.
Thinly sliced beef and green onions are tucked among the silky soft Koay Teow. Each bite is packed with delicious beef and ginger taste.

The Sang Har Mee at Soo Kee has long been the city's best source of noodle. Each dish offers strong flavors that stand up to the diner's expectations. Not to mention, this meal would not be complete without a few glasses of ice cold beer.

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  1. Definitely want th chicken! The first dish looks like it is kangkung, no? Second one also?

    I just kinda like kangkung :)

  2. mmmmm, sang har mee really is one of the great all-time malaysian culinary inventions, isn't it! i bet 99.9 percent of everyone who's ever tasted it has fallen in love with it :D

  3. @ Rad : I love kangkung too, especially kangkung belacan. Nonetheless, you shold try our Sang Har Mee, you will fall in love with it.

    @ Sean : Yes, you are right! It should be on the CNN World's 50 Most Delicious Food list. =D

  4. It does look delicious.... I happen to like prawns too. Fried noodles are also my fave. I can imagine I will enjoy that dish! :p

  5. Nice post!!

    Looking awesome and very delicious....

  6. @ Rad : Yes you will =D
    @ Shirataki : Thank you for your kind comments.

  7. Yum. Looks like you've just added another place on my "to visit" list for these holidays :-)

  8. @ Yum List : Yes yes! You must go there! =)