Friday, December 9, 2011

Tate @ Intermark KL

Surroundings - Tate is probably the hardest pub to find in KL and perhaps the closest we have to a genuine hidden drinking den. There are two steps in finding it; firstly, locate Tea 42 and walk to the cashier, you will see a white door with a long gold handle engraved with the word "Tate" on it. If you have perfect eye sight, locate the hanging hat and push the door to enter.

Menu - They have a good selection of cocktails, consisting of classics and house specials, which are well-crafted. However, they have a rather limited beer list. There are no food menu, so be ready to drown yourself with drinks.

A special drink from the bartender - Chili Martini (RM30). I was perfectly happy with the amount of chili which blended very nicely with the orange juice.

Mai Tai (RM39) which means "Out of this World" in Tahitian is made out of rum, lime juice, orange curacao and some mint.

This Pomegranate Margarita (RM39) consists of tequila, pomegranate and lime juice. This was slightly stronger than the previous two drinks - absolutely love it.

Tate is a bar with opulently designed, well-crafted cocktails, friendly staff and good music. Even though the drinks are slightly more expensive, Tate is an ideal place for you to unwind and challenge your friends at the pool table. Strangers are compelled to make friends due to its intimate ambiance.


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  1. heh, i'm totally happy to be drowned with drinks. especially when they're made with skill & creativity, like tate's ones! :D

  2. Hee, I was loving the drowning in drinks comment too - I'd be quite happy doing so. :-)

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  4. You're just like Sean, which is awesome! :D
    Eat nice everyday

  5. @ Sean & Yumlist: I guess everybody dont mind a bit more alcohol... heheheheh

    @ Rad : I only eat nice food once a while after a long week at work. =) Work hard, play hard.

  6. Oh here is more like work hard eat less :p no much time to do anything else basically hehe

    Well of course afterwards I eat a lot and nice too :))

  7. @Rad : I want to eat less too! I have been going sideway for the past few years...

  8. Over rated drinks @ over rated prices wit lots of pretentious ppl hidden some millionaire under ground den