Friday, December 16, 2011

Huize van Wely @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

Surroundings - Located on the 2nd floor of Bangsar Shopping Complex, HvW is situated near the Apple Store. The setting is rather classy with dark furnitures filling up the open space. With limited obstruction, this is an ideal spot to vegetate and do some people watching.

Menu - The menu largely comprises of sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes, pastries, cookies and chocolates. Prices are rather steep ranging from RM8.50 to RM90. According to the waitstaff, the pastries are flown in fresh from Holland. It is made with quality ingredients, using tradition techniques dating back to 1922. The end result : balanced, high quality and of course expensive products.
The du Hammam (RM15/pot) - Japanese Green Tea with scent of rose, green dates and red fruits. This was recommended by the waitstaff and frankly it was quite tasteless. I could only taste the green tea, where did the rose, green dates and red fruits go?
Egg Sandwich (RM18) - For RM18, I was expecting something more, not just egg + bread.

High Tea Set For Two (RM90) offers a choice of coffee or tea served with a selection item from its patisserie, an assortment of savories and mini quiches. To finish off are two macaroons. The only thing memorable about this Tea Set are the macaroons. It was fresh with a thin crust giving way to the silky filling. Not to mention, the texture was extremely smooth and pleasant.

There was some hits and misses. Perhaps it was my mistake to come here for brunch. To embrace Huize van Wely's sweet side, you may want to drop by during tea time.


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  1. scary, rite, the prices. for a RM90 high tea, customers do deserve something memorably great. but i think the takeaway purchases for their chocolates help to keep them going =)

  2. HvW, you wrote HwV :)

    Oh yea the sandwich could have been more impressive, I agree.
    The High Tea set seems to be too pricey!

  3. @ Sean : Yeap. I was paying for the aviation fuel from Holland to Msia.

    @ Rad : Thanks Rad for spotting the error. The egg sandwich was pretty pathetic.

  4. Ooh, pricey! And... one of my pet peaves is when an expensive joint accompanies sandwiches with potato chips. Is that Christmas tree edible?

  5. @ Yumlist: Its a candle Xmas tree =) hehehe