Thursday, January 26, 2012

Los Arroyos Mexican Restaurant @ Camarillo Premium Outlet

I was introduced to Mexican food during my university days and I have fallen in love with it ever since. Perhaps is the fragrance refried beans or the well seasoned BBQ meat that tantalizes my taste buds every time I bite into it...

Los Arroyos which means "little rivers" in Spanish is a family owned restaurant that started in 1999 at Santa Barbara. The Arroyos's family prepares Mexican cuisine like no others using authentic recipes that have passed down over generations. 
Diners are required to order at the counter and the menu & specials are posted on the wall for easy reference
The restaurant has a salsa bar, allowing diners to taste all the different types of sauces
Mexican food would not be complete without the classic guacamole 
The quintessential Mexican delicatessen. These triangle cut tortilla chips are made fresh everyday, ready to be dip into the different types of sauces.
There are many varieties of salsa sauces to choose from at the bar. Pico de gallo, which is also known as salsa fresca are made from raw tomatoes, lime juice, chili peppers, onions and cilantro leaves. While, Salsa Negra contained dried chili, oil and garlic. 
Burrito Mojado - Los Arroyos's most popular wet burrito are filled with grilled steak, black beans topped with salsa roja. It also came with some rice, guacamole and sour cream.This burrito was wonderfully rustic with sufficient sauces to keep it moist.
Tacos al Pastor - two soft tacos served together with grilled seasoned pork, pineapple and onions on homemade corn tortillas. The meat were juicy with sufficient amount of heat.
Flavorful and filling Tortilla Soup

We were all blissfully appeased by Los Arroyos's authentic recipes.


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  1. yum, the burrito looks promising! wish we had more of these outlets in KL. i think Frontera at jaya one does this stuff the best, but it'd be nice to be able to bite into burritos in the city center too! :D

    1. I think the closest city center Mexican food we have is Pedro's Palace or Las Carretas. I've never tried Frontera before, will keep that in mind. =) Thx yea.

  2. I quite like Mexican food for a change at times but there's not many over at my place, just that we discovered one and the distance is quite conducive for us to venture to.

    I simply adore salsas, thats the best among all and you sure have tried other great food too. The tortilla chips with the spicy dip are yummy.

    1. Which Mexican restaurant is this? Maybe I can check it and test water 1st? =D

      The thing I really like about Mexican food is affordability. You can get a huge burritos for less than US$3. You can never find this for French or Italian cuisine.

  3. Can you hear my stomach grumbling already? Hahaha
    It's mouth watering! Are you staying more in US than Malaysia?

    1. I feeling hungry too. I ate maggie for dinner tonight. I'm currently located in KL =)

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