Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery @ Downtown Santa Barbara

Cold Stone Creamery may not be a healthiest ice cream in town but I can tell you - It is the creamiest and smoothest ice cream I have eaten so far! The ice cream is combined with mix-ins, such as candies, nuts, cakes, chocolates and other items, which are folded into the ice cream to create your own unique flavor. This blissful creation comes in three sizes - Like It (5oz), Love It (8oz) and Gotta Have It (12oz). 
In the spirit of joviality, Cold Stone employees will sing a Cold Stone song whenever a customer give tips
Flavors flavors, which is the tastiest of all? Sweet Cream, French Vanilla, Cheesecake, Strawberry, Mint, Coffee, Chocolate, Banana, Eggnog, Bubble Gum, Cinnamon, Coconut....
My unique creation - Banana Ice Cream + Fresh Strawberries. Let's call it Red Banana =D
Cold Stone Signature Creation : Coffee Lovers - Coffee Ice Cream, Toffee Bar and Caramel
Cold Stone Signature Creation : Chocolate Devotion - Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips, Brownie and Fudge

We love the Red Banana so much that we order an extra pint to go. It was absolutely delicious.

In my opinion, there are 3 top dessert places in California - 1) Diddy Riese, 2) Pizookie by BJ's  and of course 3) Cold Stone Creamery.


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  1. OH GOSH! I love ice cream!!!!

    Recently (like two days ago) I bought one at J.Co. It was actually pretty simple but the mango jam and melon chewy mochi were good combined in a cup yumm! :D

    1. I have never tried J.Co ice cream before but I love Sour Sally, its extremely refreshing! I love the chewy mochi too, so soft and bouncy. Too bad they don't have it in Msia.

  2. the chocolate devotion looks a dream come true! and bananas and strawberries sound like a unique combo --- i've never had those two fruits TOGETHER before! :D

    1. I find the chocolate devotion slightly too sweet for my liking. I will still opt for the 2 fruits combo - it feels less sinful. hahahha

  3. ice cream galore! perfect treat anytime of the day. think i'll love the banana strawberry too....

  4. I like Banana flovor like it wit hrqsberrys and almonds (extra almonds) and pie crust yum yum