Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ten Japanese Fine Dining @ Solaris Dutamas

Thinking is addictive. The more you think, the less you live. A wise man would rather live than questioning living. But how did the wise man figure it out? By thinking? On the food:

Surroundings - Ten is housed at Solaris Dutamas where parking can be quite confusing for first timer. The best way to reach Ten is to drive all the way up to D5 and you will see the restaurant on your left. To park, drive pass the restaurant and look out for a parking sign on your right. Remember to validate you parking ticket near Joseph Kitchen before exiting.

Menu - Prices are on the high side with main dishes costing more than RM35. Entree ranges from RM10 - RM80, while desserts are RM25 each. If you are looking to splurge RM300, the Supreme Ten Kaiseki Course, which comprises 8 course degustation menu is a good way to savor the Chef's culinary skills. If you are an ardent sushi eater, you can opt for a Sushi Omakase Course, which cost the same amount of money.

Chawan Mushi (RM30). This is probably the most expensive Chawan Mushi in town with standard toppings in it. For this price, you will probably get a foie gras in your Chawan Mushi at other restaurants.

The plate of Salmon Carpaccio was dressed with Ten's unique carpaccio sauce and showered with some fried garlics. All you need to do is wrap the sashimi around the garlics and drag it through the sauce...

Unagi Maki

The Sushi Moriawase (rm70) was delightful, the fish was fresh and the rice was comforting. However, I wasn't too happy with the unagi maki as there were some bones stuck between the meat. =(

I'm a big fan of Chazuke. Its actually very similar to Hakka Lei Cha except that it uses less vegetables. The Shiromi Chazuke @ Ten was quite unique. The green tea paste was earthy and smoky. The sliced snappers, black sesame seeds and finely chopped onions toppings worked well with the dish. Nonetheless, a dab of wasabi and some salmon roe would make this dish even more exciting. =)

The Black Sesame Ice Cream was sublime - smooth and silky. The sponge cake underneath the ice cream gave an additional texture to the sweet delight.

The dining experience at Ten was pleasant. One thing I really admire is the tableware, the ceramic bowls, tea cups and plates were beautiful. Not to mention the Japanese wait staffs were very helpful and good looking too. Will definitely be back on a special occasion to try their Kaiseki Menu or Sushi Omakase Course.


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