Monday, October 3, 2011

Prime @ Le Meridian KL

A dinner at Prime is a journey for nearly everyone. A recent meal there proved that the restaurant is as good as ever.

Surroundings - Prime is located on the 5th floor of Le Meridian Hotel. The dining room offers an inoffensive muted elegance with a see through kitchen showcasing the Chef's skills. The soft acoustics Jazz Music buzzed without interrupting normal conversation.

Menu - At Prime, the focus is steak. The extensive menu features a wide variety of steaks in different cuts. It prides itself in serving only the finest imported beef. Be it the famous Wagyu beef, Black Angus 200 days grain fed steaks or the Australian 120 and 80 day aged steaks.
Three different bread spreads to be applied onto the freshly baked breads.
The Wagyu Beef Carpaccio was tucked under the Rockets, drizzled with whole grain mustard. The pleasantly bitter leaves gave the additional flavoring to the Carpaccio. This dish was accompanied by an asparagus soup and a western style chawamushi (the texture was thicker and more concentrated).
5 different sauces to go with the fresh oysters.
The Oyster are fresh and it tasted like seawater - in a good way :) It will be cool if I could identified the different types of oysters, time to hunt for an oyster book.
3 Way Foie Gras. 1St way : Creme Brulee Foie Gras - This sinfully delicious appetizer is a great alternative to the pan fried foie gras, with texture was as smooth and creamy as steamed egg coupled with a perfect crunch of caramelized sugar.
2th way : Pan Fried Foie Gras - This classic way of preparing foie gras will never go out of style.
3rd way : Terrine Foie Gras - In the southwest of France, liver is traditionally served in porcelain terrine mold, along with serving spoons and a bowl of hot water. Each person will dip the spoon in the hot water to heat it up before scooping out the Foie Gras and spreading it onto a coarse bread. The Terrine Foie Gras at Prime is elegantly sliced before serving. It was rich and smooth.
Oyster Blade Wagyu - simply awesomeeeee. The waitstaff did a good job in recommending me this dish. It goes perfectly well with the truffle sauce.
Wagyu Pro Flapmeat - The steak was artfully presented but it doesn't melt in the mouth like the Oyster Blade. Nonetheless, is still a good piece of steak.
The Fudgiest Brownie is indeed very fudgy. The presentation was beautiful surrounded by Strawberries, Blueberries and Cape Gooseberry. The Cape Gooseberry is a small, smooth orange-gold color round fruit wrapped in a papery case that have a delicate sweet and sour taste.


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