Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Spicy @ Seksyen 17

I love my dog, I look forward to see her everyday after work, to play with her and to manja her. And everyday she waits patiently for my return, to play with me and to manja me. There is a word for this : Love. On the food:

Surroundings - I'm Spicy is a snug, tucked at the quieter side of Seksyen 17, this cozy little restaurant plays with spices and textures to create deeply flavorful Thai street food. If you are coming from SS2, take the 9 o'clock exit at the Rothmans roundabout and make a left on the first turning onto Jalan 17/41. Make another left and you will see a row of shop lots on your right - I'm Spicy is located at the corner.

Menu - At this bright Southeast Asian flavor restaurant, stick to pork and you will not regret. The grilled skewered pork, deep fried pork ribs and green curry pork are their signature dishes.
I'm Spicy House Drink is a refreshing ice blended mix of pandan, lemengrass, lime and mint leaves. * WARNING - This drink is extremely addictive, especially after some hot and spicy food.
While most restaurants serve formulaic renditions, My Spicy has created different expectations. Its marinated Pork Ribs are deep friend and served with a special tamarind chile sauce. The meat is juicy with the right amount of fats.
The marinated Grilled Pork Skewers danced perfectly with the addictively sweet and hot tamarind chile sauce.
The fresh Green Papaya Salad in lime juice, dried shrimp, green beans, garlic, bird's eye chillies and cherry tomatoes was pleasant but nothing exceptional.
The Stir Fried Kailan with salted fish and garlic was tasty and briny.
Be ready to be assaulted by Thai chilies. The clear Tom Yam Soup can be lip numbing.
The Green Curry Pork did not disappoint. The thinly sliced porky were well infused with the intense flavoring of the green curry. Dunk them onto the rice and be ready to overflow your plate with the delicious gravy.
Red Ruby Chesnuts in crushed ice. Cooling and refreshing.
Mango with sticky rice. The sesame seeds created an additional nutty taste to the sweet dish.

Verdict : Totally Smitten

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  1. Whoa, they really love their pork here! But this looks like a nice change from the regular recipes at other Thai restaurants. Love the look of the place too. It looks like neighborhood coffee bar, almost :D

  2. Oh dear everything is spicy!!! You'll need a lot of mint to take the spiciness off :p

  3. Sean: This place is very secluded, definitely a neighborhood restaurant.

    Charmaine: Yes, its quite spicy. The house drink will take away all the spiciness =)

    Yum List: Me too... quite unique yea..