Monday, September 5, 2011

Typica @ Shaw Parade

Places are like time machine. They transport us back to our yesteryears and bring back old memories. It is true that you can't turn back time, however, you can always return to the scene of love, scene of crime, or perhaps scene of regrets. On the food:

Surroundings - This charming little coffee specialist is located in Shaw Parade at Jalan Imbi. It is tucked right at the end of the shopping complex, facing the main road (entrance of the car park). The nostalgia decor is pleasant and peaceful - a perfect place to film a love scene where Daniel Wu meet his leading lady.

Menu - Typica offers a wide range of seasonal hand pick and roasted coffee from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya and Columbia. The coffee are brew via two 2 methods - A hot coffee will be brew using the syphon method, while a cup of ice coffee will be prepared via the ice dripping method.

A cute little lamp shining over the rocking rotan horse, Chinese calendar and some wooden chairs and tables.
You are never be alone at Typica, "Owlwi" will always be there to accompany you.
Gunny Sack used to transport coffee beans from Loas.
The yellow packets consist of grind coffee, while the black bottles consist of roasted coffee beans.
Close up look of the hand picked coffee beans.
Green Bean - The quality of the picking and processing of the coffee actually plays a very important role in determining the cup character.
Our freshly grind coffee ~~
Siphonist in action...
Waiting patiently for our coffee
Left : Sumatra Sidikalang (RM18), Right: Indonesia Typica : RM38

Overall: The Sumatra Sidikalang has a classic, rustic earthy flavor, while the Typica coffee is very fruity, more acidic and has a lighter body compared to the Sumatra Sidikalang. We both enjoyed our cup of coffee, nonetheless we also agreed that the pricing is a bit steep as compared to other coffee places around the Klang Valley area, which usually cost RM8 - RM10 / cup.


Typica, Shaw Parade Big Badge

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