Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Per Se @ Columbus Circle, New York

When you acknowledge as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving toward perfection become clear; to make people happy. That’s what cooking is all about. ~ Thomas Keller
Background - Per Se opens its door in 16 Feb 2004 and it has since become one of New York most reputable and sought after restaurant, with a 3 Michelin Star rating. One will not miss to mentioned its sister restaurant - The French Laundry, in Yountville, California, which I'm looking forward to try this Dec.

Surroundings - The restaurant setting was very formal with plush upholstery, fire place and wine cellar around the waiting area. Jackets are required for both lunch and dinner. What caught my eyes were the enormous picture windows, showcasing the impressive view of Central Park and Columbus Circle. The view is picture perfect, if you are lucky, you might catch Donald Trump stepping out from the Trump Tower.
Menu - Per Se only offers a 9 course Chef’s tasting menu and a vegetable tasting menu that changes everyday, costing US$ 275 (service included) per person and a 5 course menu during lunch for US$ 175 (service included) per pax. There are no a la carte menu, so be prepared to savor all the Chef selections.

Its such a beautiful day in New York

Thomas Keller signature dish - Amuse Bouche
Tiny sesame cone filled with creme fraiche and topped with salmon tartare
Chilled Summer Melon Soup - The soup was flavorful and silky. The combination of olives oil gives a very beautiful finishing.

Herb Roasted Four Story Hill Farm’s Poussin
Black Mission Figs, Fennel Bulb Batons and Celery Branch Salad with Aged Balsamic Vinegar.

Potato Crusted Florida Frog’s Leg

Cauliflower Florettes, Parsley Shoots and Garlic “Royale”

Portuguese Cuttlefish “Poêlé”
Aji Dulce Peppers, Caramelized Globe Artichokes and Garden Mint with Rouille

The Creamy Herb Roasted Four Story Hill Farm’s Poussin
Black Mission Figs, Fennel Bulb Batons and Celery Branch Salad with Aged Balsamic Vinegar.

M & M’s
Pretzel Chips, Candied Peanuts and Madagascar Vanilla Mousse with Mast Brothers’ Chocolate Ice Cream

The meal ended with an assortments of mignardises, truffles, macaroons and cookies packed to-go.
I do agree with some reviews that the food here is less exciting for the price you pay for. But I must say every dish is delicious with each ingredients harmonizing flawless when being served. Saucing and seasoning is light, therefore the main ingredients of the dish is usually not hidden or ovwerwhelmed.The presentation was simple and elegant and the wait staffs were hyper attentive and down to earth. When I asked for some sea salt, they brought me two different types to suit my taste buds. If you feel like splurging (or even better, someone else is paying for it) and ready to spend at least 2 to 3 hours for lunch, Per Se is worth every penny. Please keep in mind that, there are only 16 tables available in the main dining room, booking 1- 2 month ahead is advisable.

Verdict : Totally Smitten

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  1. Lucky you that you can get a table! I tried getting a rez three weeks before my trip to new york but failed. :( Thank god that there's a salon.

  2. Tell me about it. I had redo my itinerary just to fit this reservation, there was only one slot available....craziness.

  3. This place looks absolutely amazing, if only I could get a reservation during my trip to the states in two weeks :/