Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Restaurant @ The Club, Saujana Resorts

Surroundings & Atmosphere - The Restaurant is located in The Club at The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur . Entering the restaurant itself was an experience; we had to walk through private cozy seating areas and towers of see through wine racks before arriving at infamous The Restaurant. The setting was romantic and intimate, underpinned by the contemporary furniture coupled with a few Malay style decorative items.

Menu – The one page menu is well-balanced with an assortment of dishes that run the gamut of food group (i.e. fish, steak, lamb, pasta and seafood). The prices were slightly on the high side with appetizers ranging from RM 35 to RM 48, while mains courses vary from RM58 to RM160. Deserts are approximately RM 35 each.

The Food – We ordered Potato Gnocchi and Beef Tartare for appetizers, followed by Lamb Rack & Augus Beef as mains and Tortani & Chocolate Fondant for deserts.

The freshly made Potato Gnocchi was very generous in size. It was extremely soft and fluffy. The taste of gnocchi alone was a tad blend; however, the combination of black olive added the required zest to complete the flavor.

The Beef tartare was presented in a mound shape, accompanied by a raw quail egg. The beef was fresh and lean mixed with a perfect blend of finely chopped parsley and onions.

The medium lamb rack was particularly tender and went well with the mushroom sauce. The dish came with truffles mashed potato, which was not too creamy and has a feathery texture. This is by far the best lamb rack I have ever tasted.

Tempted to order the striploin (RM 160), I decided to be kind to my purse and went for the medium rare Augus Beef instead. The dish came out to be better than expected. The steak was perfectly cooked with minimal seasoning. It also came with an oxtail ravioli.

As for deserts, the first bite of the Tortani was breathtaking, it was soft and it melts in your mouth. The tiny marshmallows, blueberries and strawberry added the fresh tasting element into the desert.The chocolate fondant was a bit too sweet for me.

Pricing – The bill came out to RM487, but with the Saujana Club card, the totaled bill was reduced to RM235. At RM235, The Restaurant is definitely one of the best and value for money fine dining place in K.L.

Overall, the presentation of the food was simple yet unique its own way. The flavor of the food was delicate with no overpowering taste. The flair was its simplicity, which allow us to taste every ingredients used for the dish. Service was excellent with lot of attention to details, perhaps it was because we were the only other customers in the restaurant.

It is worth noting that the Executive chef,
Nancy Kinchela, which join on 1 April 2009 has over 18 years of impressive gastronomic experience. She has worked in some of the most prestigious kitchens like The Heritage House in Mendocino, California , The Leela in Goa, Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai and two Michelin-rated restaurants in London called V Chez Nico and Lindsay House. It’s a blessing that, we have such a talented chef just within the Klang Valley area.


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