Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nobel Museum @ Stockholm, Sweden

Head towards the heart of Old Town and you will find the famous Nobel Museum, where 826 individuals and 20 organizations were awarded between 1901 to 2011 - all in accordance with the will of one man, Alfred Nobel. 
Inside the museum, you will learn about the Nobel Prize and its founder, as well as the work and ideas of many creative minds. 
The Nobel Museum offers English guided tours everyday at no extra fees. It is probably the best way to experience and learn more about the museum and the Nobel Prize.
Alfred Nobel was a chemist, engineer and an inventor. He was also the creator of dynamite, which made him a very rich man. In his will, he wrote that every year a Nobel Prize will be given to a person that has contributed the most in the field of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace and economics, where the winner would receive a part of his fortune's revenue. 
With more than 800 laureates, the museum has decided to present each laureate in a random order, through a portrait and prize citation along a unique cableway on the ceiling. 
During my visit, I had the chance to catch the Sketches of Science exhibition where German photographer Volker Steger displayed 50 portraits of Nobel Laureates holding a huge piece of paper, describing their discovery.
Nobel Museum
Address: Borshuset, Stortorget 2, Gamla Stan
Subway Station: T-Station Gamla Stan
Telephone: +46 (0) 8534 818 00

Adult: SEK80
Children: SEK 60
Audio Guide: SEK 20

Free Guided Tours (everyday):
Winter - 11.15am and 3 pm 
Summer - 10.15am, 11.15am, 3pm and 4pm


  1. Very nice museum.....
    I like to visit museum.....

    1. I only like visiting museum if there is a tour guide coz most of time i don't know what i'm looking =)

  2. I love museums though I need company or else its easily a day spent at the museum and probably returning again the next day.

    1. Really? Gosh, I don't think I can stay in the same museum for a few hours.

  3. oooh, 800 laureates! i didn't realize there were so many :D

    1. I didn't realized that too until I visit this place...we learn something new everyday =)

  4. Wow it's awesome!
    Wish I could travel to Sweden! :)

    1. I will give you some good advice when you go there =) I think u will enjoy this place.