Thursday, November 3, 2011

Upper Deck Tanzini @ G Tower

Surroundings - Upper Deck Tanzini is tucked on the 29th floor of G Tower. The picture windows, glass ceiling and hanging lights created a beautiful moment for me and my girlfriends. The ambiance was both mystical and enchanting.

Menu - Upper Deck Tanzini is one of the few places in KL that only offers Pre Fix Menu. Diners are allowed to choose the number of food courses - RM155++ for four course, RM185++ for five course, RM215++ for six course.

Badges for the girls...

Amuse Bouche - Chef's big ideas in small bites. Not that small after all. I thought the serving was quite generous. The fish was slightly overcooked, but was artfully presented.

Smoked Northern Piks & Capellini - House smoked Pike Fish, Chilled Ulam Raja Capellini, Trout Roe, Chili Vinaigrette. The pasta was fresh and the Pike fish was tasty. Nonetheless, the dish was a tad too dry with too little sauce to go with the pasta.

Master Kobe Striploin & Wagyu Beef Rump - Even though the presentation was beautiful, I couldn't finish this dish. The quality of the wagyu was subpar and the kobe was unchewable. The worst part was the waiter didn't even bother asking how well I want my beef to be cooked. It was extremely disappointing.

Chocolate Cake accompanied by some fruits. The dessert was palatable.

Unfortunately, aside from the good ambiance, I have nothing nice to say about the food and service. The food was forgettable and all of us agreed that for RM155++, we can get better food elsewhere. Also, the waitstaffs wasn't very helpful and friendly, not the top notch service you expect from a fine dining restaurant.


Upper Deck Tanzini Big Badge


  1. I so agree! When I first went to this place last year it had just opened and the food was fabulous. Apparently chefs soon changed though and while presentation is pretty the food is just not up to standard. It's a shame because the location is lovely. It seems to be a constant problem with Malaysian restaurants - inability to remain consistently good.

  2. Yum List : You are right! Malaysian restaurants have this problem. Oh well, let just enjoy the food while is still good. =)