Thursday, August 11, 2011

Senja @ Saujana Resorts

Surroundings & Atmosphere – Nestled in the heart of The Saujana Hotel, this charming Italian restaurant only opens at night from 7pm to 1030pm. Senja’s interior white décor as well as outdoor patio overseeing the lake offers guests the finest dining experience around Subang area.

The Food – We ordered an antipasti which comprises Marinated Salmon, Anchovies and Seafood’s Salads (RM45), a Vegetables Soup for my dad (RM28), Pizza Primavera (RM38), Pizza Quattro Stagioni (RM49), Fillet of Seabass for mum (RM72), Beef Tenderloin (RM85) and Pave of Salmon with Squid Ink Risotto for myself (RM85).

Menu – Senja menu is a blend of honest Italian cooking with a contemporary touch. Chef Giovanni takes pride in its authentic Italian menu as it prepare most of its food from scratch.

The freshly baked bread was delicious, thanks it textured and appetizing spread.

Honestly, I didn’t have a chance to taste this bowl of soup since my Dad slurped up the entire bowl within minutes.

Even though the Seafood Salad was fresh and not overcooked. I felt there was something missing, perhaps some additional herbs will do good to this dish.

The Smoked Salmon was pleasant - not too smoky and the quality of the meat was good. I wished I had a few more pieces of these yummy fish.

The briny Anchovies was sharp and pungent. Just look at the colors of the anchovies skins.

This dish was a piece of art. The red pepper puree lifted the dullness of the fish and added a unique twist to it. The Seabass was not over cooked and the puree completed the dish by giving it a little zest.

The presentation of the food was superb, however the salmon was overcooked. Nevertheless, the Squid Ink Risotto was rich and tasty.

The Beef was tender and juicy, however I didn't quite like the milky taste.

Since I'm lactose intolerant, I won't be able to comment on these two beautiful pizza.

Overall – I always enjoy dining at Senja since it is so close by my house. The food is good but slightly overpriced. Honestly, I wouldn’t have come back here over and over again, if it wasn’t for my Saujana card.


Senja, Saujana Hotel Big Badge


  1. I find Saujana Resorts one of the best places to experience delicious Italian dishes. Those pizzas really made me hungry.